A New Semester

Here is a highlight video from the first two days of Academy.

These first two days have been great to get everyone connected and comfortable with each other. We had a range of activities from a few class social games where they got to create their own nicknames and we had to guess them to a school wide activity called "Ketchup" where everyone shared about their summer and wrote down or drew each other's stories in the hallway. 

Coming into this next semester I'm most excited about helping these student grow. Grow in their ability to think but also in their understanding of themselves and others. At the school gathering on Thursday I got the opportunity to speak and I tried to encourage everyone going into this semester to remember Law 3, "Remember you are God’s kids and you represent him to others; make him proud!" I want this law to be something that the kids have in their minds in all their classes as well as at home. The idea that God it watching and we can make him proud by our interactions dis something that is valuable for young people to grasp. 

This next 2 weeks will be a time to help the students grasp what is expected of them and the procedures that go along with that. We will also be covering the values we want every student to have in mind in the classroom:

  1. Appreciate You Opportunity to Learn 
  2. Respect Your Teachers and Classmates (and Parents!)
  3. Do Your Part to Keep a Clean & Ordered Environment 

These values would be great to re-enforce at home to help them holistically grasp the concepts and make it more fluid and natural.

Reminders for this week: 

  • In class we discussed the school supplies still needed your children wrote down if there was anything they needed, please remember to send in all remaining items by Friday, August 19. 
  • Snack during snack break was only provided by the Academy for the first two days, so please send your students with a snack each day. 
    • Snacks must be PEANUT FREE
    • Last year, students often saved a portion of their breakfast for snacks, but with the menu for breakfast offering a larger variety of items, saving items will not always be possible.
      • Please make sure to send one small, heathy item each day.
  • Please feel free to email me at any point throughout the day. As I teach most of the day, I will try to respond to your email by 6pm each day. 

Thank you again parents. I hope that together we can surround these children's lives with positive encouragement and hope connected to the kind of people God wants these kids to be.

- Mr. Aaseby

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