Best Dressed and Best Worship Wednesday

Every Wednesday we reward those who are doing exceptionally well with their outfits. Here is the time-lapsed run through... lol These students are a bunch of goofballs and we have fun but we also have time to worship and pray for each other.

During Prayers & Songs class today we had a great time singing songs that we have been discussing the meaning of the words that we sing so that we can attach meaning to it. We also talked about how our bodies play into worship to the Lord in the same way that our body actions can communicate to each other signs of disinterest, frustration, as well as care, consideration and submission. 

As we sang songs I looked out at all the students and saw them trying their best to engage the Lord in a sincere time of worship, it was moving. I'm excited and believe that the Lord will meet them as they continue to push into him.