Academy Tech Blog Launch

Today marks the first of what will be at least a bi-weekly update for parents regarding need to know tech things at the Academy.  As stated in recent parent technology seminars it is imperative that you as parents take charge over the digital lives of your children in order to help ensure their safety, increase their knowledge of their devices, and preserve their innocence.  My hope with this blog is to help you tow that line by making sure you're aware of the apps your students have and how they work!

Today's featured video is one I made on setting up student email accounts on iPad.  The Academy email accounts we issue them are crucial for their notifications of shared docs and communication with fellow students and teachers, and even you, as they get older and progress in the program.  It's also the place they'll get reset instructions for passwords they forget and things like that.

Here I lay out a step by step demonstration of adding a mail account to iPad in the best manner possible.  If you're child's email isn't setup on their device yet you can follow along and make that happen.  If for some reason you don't know the password to their account and get stuck email me directly at with the password you'd like them to have and I'll reset it promptly so you can complete the sign in process!  I also encourage you to share student's email passwords with them if they're old enough to remember them.  That's one less you have to remember!