Bye Classcharts, Hello Dojo

As of yesterday afternoon all parents should have received an invite to view their child's data in a new app we've implemented called ClassDojo. ClassDojo is a behavior tracker that we tested for a while alongside Classcharts which, as of this posting, is no longer in use by the Academy. We did this for a few reasons, the primary one being that ClassDojo is much easier for teachers to use as they can do it on their mobile phones live in class instead of having to wait until after as they did with Classcharts.  

You may have also noticed that ClassDojo has a nice "Instagram-like" feature that allows teachers to post photos and descriptions of what is happening in a particular course. This is a welcome change for us as it helps all of us show you what your children are doing at school in a new and more specific way.

I wanted to make sure you all were aware that there is an app available for your phone if you're using iOS or Android. Just click the corresponding link in the last sentence and log in with your account.  Also please note some parents have reported that they're prompted for a "parent code" when signing up for their parent account. If that happens to you please send an email to both your child's homeroom teacher and myself noting the issue and we'll resolve it quickly. If you have any other issues getting setup and logged in also feel free to contact me.  

Finally we hope you enjoy this app and thank you as always for cooperating with us as we continue to find the best apps to connect you with your child's school experience!