Let us Help You (Restrictions by You, Managed by Us)

Let me first give a general PSA concerning ScreenGuide:  Based on feedback from us, Mosyle (the company we're using for iPad management) has disabled the app for Academy Students temporarily in order to circumvent an issue.  Put simply, if you accidentally put the iPad in Time Out while the child is at school (which is easy to do in the interface) it locks it up during class time.  Further, if you turn off Safari or the App Store in ScreenGuide we can't get them on without a time consuming work around that disables ScreenGuide for your student anyways.  Mosyle is working with us (awesomely) so that what you enable on the iPads disables at school so that our settings take over.  If you're seeing issues with your Academy enrolled students in ScreenGuide that is why.  I will update you when its restored.

Beyond that, however, we've noticed several parents want to restrict their child's iPad beyond what we do during the day and beyond what ScreenGuide will allow.  If that is you, or even if it isn't, we are now offering to manage those restrictions for you.  Basically this is how it would work:

  1. Email me EXACTLY what restrictions you want on your child's iPad.
  2. I will create an "at home" profile containing those restrictions (specific to your child) and have it activate all day Saturday and Sunday, and from 8:30am till 3:15pm Monday thru Friday.
  3. The result will be our restrictions running during school hours and your restrictions running at home...seamlessly. 

This will help both of us.  I won't have to wipe your restrictions if a teacher wants their class to have access to Safari and you won't have to worry about the iPad not being secure when it comes home.

Also PLEASE look and see if YOU have licenses to Pages, Numbers, Keynote, Garageband, and iMovie if you have not already.  If you have them on YOUR account, sign in with it on your child’s iPad and install those!

I will be available this coming Thursday from 3:30 to 5pm in the A1 room (Mr. Aaseby and Mr. Duffy's homeroom) to further explain the above or to help you troubleshoot any tech issues you've encountered with the move to this system, or to answer questions you have about about iPad use at the Academy.  I want to be a resource to help you navigate your child's educational technology with ease and stay ahead of their ever increasing technological know-how.  If you plan to take advantage of this time please contact me via email letting me know what you will need help with.  Also be on the lookout for more tech troubleshooting opportunities as we are planning to offer these regularly this semester. 

If you need a reminder on how crucial you staying ahead of the technological curve is, take a look at this article by an Academy mom and regular article author on the G.O.D. main site.

Thanks as always for reading and feel free to reach out with any questions.