Screenguide For Parents

Let me start by saying thank you to all of you for your cooperation in migrating to the new iPad management system we've implemented this semester. Teachers are already reporting some great things they've been able to do since it's begun. At the time of this writing all iPads but Kindergarten and a few others have been migrated.  Any not done at this point are scheduled to be migrated Tuesday.

That being so it's time to update you on Screenguide (that blue kangaroo app icon on your kids' iPads). Screenguide is an app that works in conjunction with our new system to give you some more management of your childrens' devices at home.  

What kind of management? You can put the devices in "Time Out" for an interval of time you determine, or schedule "Bedtime" so the iPad will be stuck on the lockscreen and won't wake up until the time you set. Insert your own scenario but you can see how these two main features can be helpful. 

You also are able to enable and disable important restrictions (like hide adult apps or disable Safari) right from your own phone. 

You also have the option to pay monthly for a premium version that gives you some more control. You can read the distinctions here

Get started by downloading the Screenguide parent app from the iOS or Android app stores on your phone.  From there follow the instructions to setup an account and add your spouse and then your children's devices. If you get stuck email me and I'll be happy to assist you. 

Finally you may have received an email from your child's Lead Teacher asking you to install certain apps if you have a license for them already. I wanted to add a few apps to those lists. 

If you have licenses for: 

  • Pages
  • Keynote
  • Numbers
  • iMovie
  • Garageband
  • Minecraft

Please install them from your account once your child's iPad is put on our new system. You should have them (except Minecraft) if you activated a new iOS device anytime after September 1st, 2013. Check by signing into your account on your child's iPad (or looking on your phone) and navigating to the App Store. If you search for any of the Apple Apps listed above and there's no price on them you should be good to go on all 5 of them.  If you don't have licenses to any of these email your child's Lead Teacher letting them know and please copy me on the email. 

Thank you as always for reading and comment or email me with any questions.