Riding the Technological Learning Curve

As you know we've been using Mosyle Manager this semester to help manage the iPads both in the realm of App pushes and Restrictions management.  Overall this has been a positive experience but we recently encountered an issue we need your help with as parents. I'm going to explain what has been happening as clearly as I can.

Basically a teacher might enable Safari on a class's iPads for a class period because they need it for a particular exercise that they will closely monitor. When they do this it overrides the Safari block we keep on the iPads and allows Safari to be seen and used by those students by pushing a special profile to the devices.  When the class ends that profile is supposed to expire and the Safari block profile return to the device.  What can happen, however, is Mosyle attempts to push the Safari block back, but can't because the target iPad is either disconnected from wifi or locked with a passcode.  It can't get around passcodes 

What Mosyle then does in this scenario is persistently push the block profile to the device until it is both connected to wifi and unlocked because the user put in their passcode. If a student doesn't unlock their device for a long time, however, Mosyle's persistent request gets interpreted by Apple as spam and the profile gets stuck in a pending state. The result of this is Safari remaining enabled on iPads that fall into that category. IF the device doesn't have a passcode on it, however, the profile will hit the device when it's connected to wifi, whether that's at the Academy, your home, or Starbucks.

As always we are trying to get ahead of the potential issues stuck profiles can present.  To do so we are now requiring iPads to be passcode free at all times. This will allow the measures we’ve taken to protect your students' iPad experience work most effectively. We will be removing the passcodes during the Beginnings block on Monday morning and disabling the ability to add them back.  Teachers will be reminding their students about the importance of privacy and the necessity to get permission before using another student's iPad for any reason so that the students won't feel violated or vulnerable as a result of this change. This is something they already know but we will ensure it's enforced in light of this new change.

Finally, we want to ask for your further cooperation in this regard in a specific way.  If your child gets home and you see Safari enabled on their iPad and you know its not supposed to be, text 615.933.8766 immediately. Simply include your child's name and something like "Safari is on!" and I'll get it off as quickly as possible. Also go ahead and save that number as it's now the official Academy Tech Support line.  If you need to reach me quickly for any Academy Tech related needs you can text your questions or issues and I will get to them as soon as I can!

As always if you have any questions about the above feel free to email me at nate.cameron@academyforgod.org.