iPad in the Summer Time

Summer has arrived, bringing the lamented cessation of normal class schedules and the use of the iPad in an academic setting. OF COURSE the students still want to use them...for selfies, messaging each other, playing their favorite networked games, reading, checking out that new app, or whatever else they may think of.

They're going to open up their iPad and find the App Store is still off, Safari is blocked, and maybe some other things missing (like iMessage or FaceTime). As parents you need to know we've done this on purpose so that the iPad doesn't become a wide open internet access tool now that school is out. We can, however, enable any of those apps that are blocked for your child, or open the iPad completely, but only at your request.

A student sending a Hangout to a teacher saying, "Please turn on Safari on my iPad," will not do the trick, nor will the student saying, "My mom/dad said it's okay for you to enable Safari on my iPad." 

If you want any of those apps (Safari, iMessage, FaceTime) on for your child(ren) you can email to me at nate.cameron@academyforgod.org stating which apps you want enabled. If you want the iPad clear of all Academy restrictions and blocks that's also fine but know that management of your child's iPad is on you as parents until they return to school. We hope in all this to continue partnering with you over the summer to ensure your children have a positive and safe experience with their iPads.

Thanks for reading and comment below or email with any questions.