Travel with Dr. Mike Garner to the Philippines and learn about the various communities of need in the Subic Zambales region of Luzon.  

What to Expect
Each day will begin with a time of prayer and contemplation on Scripture. Participants will learn about the history of the U.S. in the Philippines with a tour of the former military base, now an economic zone. 

Daily excursions to participate in ministry will include visiting local jails to pray and share with male and female inmates, sharing meals with young women trafficked in the local sex industry, visiting and learning about the tribal people known as the Aeta, and providing meals for street children and the homeless. 

The last few days before departing the Philippines the group will visit the island of Leyte, where G.O.D.'s South East Asia team currently has it's hub. In Tacloban City we will visit Clark and Rina Miller, G.O.D.'s representatives on the ground, while we continue our daily prayer and devotions while enjoying the people and beauty of Leyte. There will be opportunity to purchase souvenirs.

Accommodations and Packing
In Subic the group will stay in a local resort and enjoy access to the beach, a pool and air-conditioned rooms. Our transportation will be an air-conditioned van throughout the duration of our trip. The tropical climate in Subic requires light clothing, sandals and flip flops are advised. 

Participants are encouraged to bring clothes and shoes for blessing the poor. Filipino people are small and thin (particularly the poor). For this reason clothing needs to be of the smaller sizes. For your personal needs, laundry services are readily available and offer same day service at a very minimal fee. It is advised that you limit your personal wardrobe to a carry on and utilize your check in bag for providing gifts to the poor. 

Trip Dates: August 14-28, 2016 

Trip Cost: $3,850 

Includes plane tickets, meals, lodging, and on the ground transportation. 

Does not include SIM card for cell service.

Facilitators: Mike Garner and Nathan Cameron 

Age: 30+ 

Application Deadline: July 11th, 2016


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