The ability to successfully grow your own food is an invaluable gift to those trapped in the cycle of poverty. We desire to bring this gift of empowerment through education, giving small-scale farmers the tools they need to have healthy families and in turn, healthy communities.


Our Local Farm

Hopewell Farms is a program of G.O.D. International. It is an innovative food production plot with an emphasis on training people for long-term development work in impoverished nations. All of the regions we work in are agrarian societies. In these places, growing food is not a hobby or novelty, but rather a necessity for the preservation of life.

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International Farming

The mission of Agriculture at G.O.D. International is to train up competent farmers to serve around world. We believe that by focusing our efforts on education, we can empower farmers to implement sustainable, ethical farming practices for the development of their local communities.

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