Reunited with our Friends

By: Stephen Ownby

On May 12th, Skylar and Amanda Aaseby arrived in Uganda with their two children, Malachi and Caden.  They are the first of many more families who will be traveling to and from East Africa from our community over the next year and a half.  They are staying in Bombo Town, Uganda, where, with the help of our cooperatives located there, our East Africa team has rented our very first home.

This trip presents new challenges as there are many “firsts” for the Aaseby Family.  This is Skylar and Amanda’s first time in Africa with their two sons.  In addition, this will be the longest time they have spent outside of the U.S. as they will be gone until August 1st (3 months).  To confront these challenges Skylar and Amanda will continue to develop their ability to speak Luganda, a widely used language in Uganda.  This will further enhance Skylar’s classroom experiences as he has already taken 3 semesters of Luganda at the Institute for G.O.D. Int’l. Amanda, on the other hand, will receive her introduction to Luganda through her experiences with our cooperatives this summer.

During their initial weeks, the Aasebys will be sharing meals with our Ugandan cooperatives and their families (whom we have served with over the past 6 years). The Aasebys are pioneering our team’s move towards a permanent presence in East Africa.  They will observe and dialogue with these families about the current needs in Bombo Town and the surrounding area.

In our ongoing relationships with East Africans, their requests for medical assistance or prayers for illnesses (particularly in the children) have not ceased.  This will allow Amanda, a registered nurse, to put her medical expertise to good use through observations in the homes and environments of our cooperatives.  She will also spend time visiting local medical clinics to potentially volunteer her services.  Meanwhile, as we are a community deeply invested in education, Skylar will join in on the Old Testament Survey classes that our East African students have been viewing through DVDs from the Institute of G.O.D. Int’l.  Skylar will be facilitating discussion groups in response to the teachings from the class.  The Aasebys will also attend the youth gatherings that our Ugandan cooperatives have facilitated over the past year, an outreach that resulted from our movement's 'Da Mission trip last summer. As a biblically educated people we believe that God is deeply concerned for the needs of human beings.  Thus, Skylar and Amanda, together with our African cooperatives, have been equipped and empowered to further discover the root causes of such needs and transform the darkness into light.  Please pray for them as they bring a demonstration of the word of God into these regions.  We believe that East Africa is about to experience the transforming river of God.

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