The Lubega Family

Lubega Family
By: Jennifer Nyago

“If there’s anyone who has benefited from the ministry of G.O.D., it’s me. When I got saved I would fast and pray to become a ‘mighty man of God,’ but when I came to hear the teachings of these people I began to see that the right position for a minister of God is low and not high. I expected to ‘go vertical’ but have learned that I need to humble myself and ‘go horizontal’ instead. I know I’m not powerful, but I am certain that I am serving God.” - Francis Lubega

It was just two years ago when Francis Lubega shared these powerful words with us. Since then, Francis, his wife Annette, and their three children have only become closer friends to our community. Occupationally, Francis is  a teacher in the Uganda school system. However, it is not uncommon in Uganda for teachers to go several weeks, if not months, without pay. As a husband and father of three children, Francis could no longer rely on such a system. For the last few years, Francis has had to sacrifice his love for educating children in order to feed his own, taking on various labor jobs in construction to make ends meet. Annette, Francis’ wife, shares a similar love for educating children. Like many Ugandan women that we have met, Annette’s potential often lies dormant under the day-to-day demands that require her attention – caring for their children, supporting her husband, looking for creative ways to supplement their income, and filling their home with sweet songs of hope and joy, despite the daily challenges they face. She carries out these responsibilities with grace and humility.

Just a couple of nights ago, Skylar and Amanda were able to have the Lubega family in their home to share a meal together. (They have also been able to visit them in their home.) Laughter and hope filled the room as they discussed the powerful potential of our cooperation together with one another and with God. These visits have not only been helpful in building our relationships with the Lubega family, but also in allowing us to understand how we can better serve this family.

Please pray for Skylar and Amanda as they work alongside Francis and Annette in the coming months. They will be finishing housing renovations that Francis could not do himself. These renovations will improve their housing environment to a safer, more sustainable condition that will inevitably improve the health of their family as a whole. Also, look forward to hearing more about this wonderful family as we continue serving together with them for years to come.