My First Trip

By: Marco Arroyo

Five wonderful weeks have passed already since we arrived in El Salvador. I have to say that the people here have shown us great hospitality. God has allowed us to meet several families through which we have been able to learn more about Salvadoran culture, a lot about their daily activities, and the language. My wife, daughter and I, as well as our fellow team members serving with us in El Salvador, have met most of these families in the community called Milagro de Dios which is home to at least 200 families located outside of San Salvador.

One of the things that I like to observe every time we have the opportunity to visit Milagro de Dios is the way these 200 hundred families are learning how to live alongside one another. Although they have very limited experience of how to operate as a community, Milagro de Dios is still learning their basic needs and the best ways to meet those needs. The community has only existed for a year and a half and more people relocate there from time to time when their life circumstances make it necessary. They are continually transitioning and growing.

Although the families of Milagro de Dios are well aware that their future in the land they are occupying now is uncertain, they often speak with words of hope that God will allow them to stay in the land. I have had several opportunities to talk with Luis, a resident of Milagro de Dios, who is raising his family of five children there. When we visit the community, he shares with me about his work and the little garden he has beside his house where he is growing corn. While he is at work at a local market loading and unloading trucks, his wife Sonia and their children Alejandra, David, Luis, Yanet, and Christian stay at home to do some cleaning and to help take care of the little garden. At the moment Alejandra and David, who are the eldest two children, do not go to school because it is far away and they are past the age limit to start school. However, Luis, as the head of the family, knows how important it is for his children to be educated. In his spare time he teaches his kids the alphabet and tries to help them to learn to read and write.

We hope that at the end of this trip we will have established a strong relationship with this family and others within the Milagro de Dios community. I thank God for allowing my us to meet these families who are becoming a part of our lives as we become part of theirs.