Our East Africa Presence is Growing!

By Brandon Galford

Mitchell Buchanan and Ashley Moore are about to join the Bargatzes and Aasebys in East Africa! Their flight is scheduled to arrive in Entebbe, Uganda at 1:40pm (9:40 Uganda time) today (Tuesday the 22nd). Ashley will be headed north to join the team in Bombo Town, while Mitchell will remain in Kampala for a night before he and Derek will board a bus and make the long, bumpy journey to Nairobi, Kenya in the morning.

For the next week, Mitchell will be staying with Reuben Ndwega and his wife Anne in Embu. During his stay, he will visit the various income generating endeavors of our Kenyan cooperatives, focusing on gaining a better understanding of their business practices. How are they earning their income? How do they manage their business ventures? Which practices and methods are effective and which are not? There is no doubt that Mitchell’s burden for the economic well being of our friends in East Africa will drive him to make quality observations and ask the necessary questions in order to learn how he and the rest of the team may utilize ingenuity to create and implement solutions. Mitchell will also participate in Bible teaching, Old Testament Survey discussion times, and youth gatherings. Having taken two years of Swahili at the Institute, he is eager to communicate with our Kenyan family in their native tongue – a sign to them and everyone else that what we are doing in East Africa is not a short-term endeavor.

Meanwhile, Ashley will be staying with our dear friends Francis and Annette Lubega in Bombo Town. Using the skills she has developed as a graduate of the Institute’s Linguistics program and three semesters of Luganda (the native language) study, Ashley will be partnering with Annette in an attempt to write a children’s book in Luganda. It is her hope that this initial project will be the first of many quality biblical books that our movement will produce for the children of Uganda. Ashley has a great burden for the literacy of these children, as well as the development of a proper biblical ethic. During her time in Uganda, Ashley will participate in day-to-day life alongside Annette. She will be learning what it is like not simply to visit Uganda, but to live there. The relationships she will build through conversations and shared experiences are relationships that will continue to be nurtured for many years to come.

Please pray for Mitchell and Ashley as they join with our East African family, partnering with them in demonstrating the loving character of our God.  These experiences will also further enhance their education and preparation for one day living in East Africa.  Stay posted, as more updates on their experiences are coming soon.