Partnering Together

By: Jennifer Nyago

Proper ventilation in a home can really make a huge difference in the quality of living for a family.  This is true anywhere but it is especially true in East Africa.  Where cooking is often done over a fire and smoke is inevitable, ventilation can mean the difference between a healthy family, and one with incessant coughs and limited breathing capacity.  If you have been following our updates, you know that our friends, The Lubega’s have been in need of proper ventilation in their home.

Skylar and Derek have been working alongside Francis Lubega the last couple of days to install a proper door that will allow light to enter in as well as better ventilation through the installation of windows.  Prior to this, the Lubega’s did not have any windows and a door that was less than adequate.  By partnering together, Francis has been able to utilize his skills as a carpenter and build on Skylar and Derek’s knowledge and skills of doing construction in Africa.  As a team we have been able to come behind them in this effort and provide some of the needed resources to make such renovations possible.  We again have found strength in partnering together and the Lubega’s can be a little more comfortable in their home.