Immersing in Peacemaking

By Jennifer Nyago

It has only been one week since the Immersion Team touched down in Entebbe, Uganda but already amazing things have taken place.  Upon arrival the team hit the ground running as they were reunited with our East African cooperatives.  There was little time to spare as they were all scheduled to be in Molo, Kenya within just a few days to serve and encourage the people living in the transient camp there.

The team began with a series of meetings in Uganda to discuss the current and future direction of our work in East Africa.  The discussions soon lent their way to the upcoming trip to Molo, a hotspot of the 2007 post-election violence in Kenya.  As an official East Africa SLAM event, this trip would focus on the youth from four different regions: Bombo in Uganda and Kisumu, Embu and Molo located in Kenya.  From these regions, 12 different tribes were represented!  Students Living A Mission (SLAM) is the student arm of our movement that specifically mobilizes young people around the world to serve those in need around them.  This is the second year that we have facilitated a SLAM event in East Africa.  These youth would be learning, despite the dividing lines of tribalism, status and economics, they are in a position to bring about change in their communities for the better.  The youth selected in East Africa for this event have been working with our cooperatives in each of those regions in order to learn the Bible and what it means to image God in their communities.

The teachings became a catalyst for unity amongst the youth and mobilized them to meet needs within the Molo camp.  The youth were certainly empowered as testimonies of participants were given.  They were realizing their ability to take hold of their present moment and bring about change.  Instead of waiting to be helped, they were learning how to help one another.  Because of the education they were being offered throughout this weekend, they better understood the power of their service.  Their service was bringing about healing, both in them and their neighbors.  By the end of the weekend, many lives were changed as well as a number of physical needs met!