The Prayers of our Children

By Rylan Aaseby There are a number of children in our movement (nearly 50), each of them a blessing that we don’t take lightly. For each set of parents, the summer holds a different set of responsibilities; whether they are traveling to see family in the states or friends in a different country, or whether they remain here in Antioch. But there seems to be at least one thing that seems to be the focus of every parent during the summer—to help their children, as much as they are able, to become aware of the many wonderful things that are taking place around the world.

Being one of the families that have remained in Antioch, we have made every effort to remind our 3 yr old, Ezrah, of how her cousins are in Africa right now. It is always rewarding when, at the end of the day, we can share prayers about Africa. Typically her prayers are that Malachi and Caden Aaseby (her cousins) will make  many friends and help many people. We also show her pictures of her cousins with the children of our African friends, which most often ends in her desire to be there with them, which we confess to share with her.

The prayers of our children become a beautiful way to develop in them both an awareness of the Lord and a concern for others in El Salvador, East Africa, The Philippines, and India. These sentiments are shared throughout the hometeam parents (and also those abroad), as even some children have one parent that is serving abroad. Inasmuch as we, as adults, are learning to become aware of and prayerful for the needs of our world, as parents in a movement we are also doing our best to plant those seeds of awareness in our children. The summers in Antioch provide a particularly great opportunity to do this as many of our children’s Antioch friends are in other countries making friends of their own. Pictures, stories, prayers and the occasional video clip are all pertinent in directing the awareness of our children towards the many wonderful things that are taking place around the world, and specifically with their friends in these other countries.