Traditional Healers

By: Christina Fowler While in Kenya, Jordan and I teamed up for a visit with a traditional healer. We heard about these natural healers, and were able to meet one with the help of our friend Erastus Kanjogo. We met with a man named Simon, who is educated in the practice. He was willing to spend a few hours teaching us all that he could. We sat down first, got acquainted, and he taught us about many different herbs and what they prevented or treated. He enthusiastically taught us about herbs, always connecting them with God’s word. We were able to learn enough to get us started in our studies of traditional healing methods. Simon, Jordan, and I then ventured for two hours through mountains and valleys in search of examples of the herbs and plants we had just learned about. We were able to identify the plants and their natural benefits. For example, Garlic is a natural agent of healing for many things, boiling rosemary helps with headaches, and chickweed helps with asthma and stomach ulcers.

The goal of these traditional healers is to benefit the body holistically, as their ancestors, by using the divinely provided medicines that exist in our world – herbs.  Jordan and I plan to meet again with a Ugandan traditional healer and learn much more. It is a very specific practice that is rather expensive, but we hope to learn enough to one day implement the use of herbs as healing agents within our communities. There are little to no side affects with natural herbs, so no worries—Good appetite, good sleep, and feeling light!