Food Shortage: A Distribution Issue

By: Matthew Parker

Alternating years of drought and flood have created a food crisis in Latin America. The droughts of 2009 were followed by the floods of 2010.  This year alone, over 100,000 people have been made homeless by floods and landslides in Guatemala. These droughts have also affected the areas we are currently working in. Last summer while in Ilopango, El Salvador, our team met friends in a displacement village who lost their home and land to the floods.  The floods have also created a food shortage in this region.  According to estimates, half of the annual consumption of corn has already been lost due to the current floods.  The agricultural sphere of the region is in danger.

Some of our team members are currently studying agriculture, permaculture, nutrition and land laws in preparation for issues relating to land we will face in the future.  This last summer Jeremiah Watson and Marco Arroyo designed and constructed a small garden meant to produce high yields using a small amount of land.  The majority of our friends in these regions do not have a need for large scale farming development. They need to know how to make a 7ft.x 7ft. plot beneficial for their whole family.  Because of all these issues, those team members have been encouraged to study agriculture with diligence. We take the example of Jesus when he fed the people with the loaves and fish.  There might not seem like enough food for the people, but through prayer, an understanding of God’s word and proper distribution we will be able to feed the hungry through our work with the land and the relationships we have with our friends in El Salvador.