What Break? We’re on a Mission!

Many years ago, our movement stopped referring to the time between semesters as 'breaks' and began using the term 'mission'. This new verbiage is definitely more reflective of our activity and attitudes on G.O.D.'s Latin America Team. Our community is more than a school and our community members are more than students. L.A. Team members will be taking advantage of the brief one month stretch between the fall and spring semesters to focus on a wide array of activities outside of formal academic study.

Three of our team members will be traveling to Ilopango, El Salvador January 2-9 to further our team's plan to purchase a plot of land. Many team members will visit family and reconnect with friends. And two team families, the Roufs and the Arroyos, are even welcoming new babies into their families this December.

In addition to these momentous occasions, our team is hard at work making our vocation happen. During this time without classes, we are driven by our commitment as a team, working to serve the poor and underprivileged in El Salvador. This month allows us some time for personal study in areas of interest such as health care, agriculture, and literacy methods. Furthermore, we will continue making strides in our pursuit of Spanish, gaining fluency step by step or, for some team members, learning to become better teachers of their native tongue. Our team members are even involved in various community service activities such as facilitating a Women's Bible Study and ESL Classes for our neighbors.

Of course, we are also preparing for our upcoming immersions in El Salvador this summer. Collectively and personally, there is much to be done to make sure that we are prepared to learn and serve as much as possible during our trips. We also must prepare to cover the cost of our trips and various other financial obligations stateside while we are away. To this end, December will be a time to pick up extra shifts or even extra jobs to save money for summer 2011.

Because we are more than students, life does not slow down just because classes pause. Our mission to love and serve continues!

Written By: Anna Reyes