One Step Closer...

Kurtzes Departure

After almost 5 months of time spent with our friends in East Africa, on December 29th, the Kurtz family returned to Nashville, Tennessee.  Over the course of the last 8 months we have had 3 different families live there intermittently, as well as a visit for 5 weeks from an immersion team of 7.  This time has deepened our relationships with our East African friends.  Our understanding of the culture, people and needs has only expanded as we have had families there, engaging in daily life.

We are all grateful for the Kurtz's time abroad, and benefit from their stories as they continue to process through their experiences. There have been countless hours of bible studies, counseling through various interpersonal issues, volunteering, work projects, learning from local non-profit organizations, as well as developing relationships amongst neighbors and friends.  As these experiences enhance our preparation, we look forward to moving closer and closer towards living permanently in East Africa. With our commitment deepening, we look forward to the future as we press on in our training endeavors!

By Jen Nyago