Arrival In Uganda

With great anticipation, Jenny Ebert, Cameron Kagay and Jennifer & John Nyago (along with their daughter Nanozi) have arrived in Entebbe, Uganda on May 18th.  This begins a 12 week stint that will further their experiences in training for future life in East Africa, a necessary step in progressing the work of our movement. Jenny Ebert will be focusing her time volunteering in both government and private clinics in Kampala and its nearby communities.  Her focus in children’s healthcare will allow her to expound her hands-on experience as she not only treats children with parasites (her area of focus), but also hopes to work with the families of these children to educate them and stop the cycle of sickness that so many suffer from.  Jenny will be staying with our friend Nanozi Jane and will be joined by team member, Liz Kalama on June 1st.

Cameron Kagay will bring great hands-on experience and knowledge in sustainable agriculture and alternative housing.  As our movement moves forward with the purchase of land for the families of our movement to live on, Cameron will join Josh Kurtz (who arrived in East Africa a few days earlier) and our Ugandan cooperatives Francis and Peter to get work projects started.  Cameron’s wife, Laurie, and son, Owen, will join him on June 1st.

The Nyago’s are returning to family and friends as they work alongside the work projects that take place on the new land.  Additionally, they will focus on team dynamics and utilize their cross-cultural expertise to cultivate the relational health of the team (a mixture of Ugandans, Kenyans and Americans).

Written By Jen Nyago