The Arrival: Ready, Set, Go!

We have arrived in El Salvador and are ready for a summer full of service and hard work.  We have two major external objectives.  First, we are preparing to develop our land in Sitio Nuevo (New Place).  We will be building a house and a bathroom structure this summer.  Our second objective is to facilitate 3 weeks of service for over 60 youth, from 4 churches located throughout Indiana and Ohio.  Their partnership with our team in El Salvador is crucial toward the development of the land and the initiation of service opportunities in Sitio Nuevo and surrounding communities.

Last summer our team spent three months in El Salvador.  This allowed us to work on language, learn the local culture, and meet new friends.  The experiences of last summer have propelled us into deeper friendships and the opportunity to develop our land in Sitio Nuevo.  We are currently working to acquire needed building materials, networking with local builders, and reconnecting with old friends as we settle into another summer in El Salvador.

Coming back, we are full of diverse emotions.  We are excited to be here, yet we know the needs of the people and the responsibility we have as the people of God to meet those needs.  As we follow after Jesus, we hope to have the effect on individuals and communities that He had through his teaching from Scripture and daily interactions with people in need.  The development of our land in Sitio Nuevo does not stop with the buildings.  The development of the land will ultimately become a place for people to find hope, life, and opportunity for education as we image God here in El Salvador.

Written By: Matthew Parker