Living and Learning: A 12 Week Immersion with Salvadorian Midwives

By: Elise Buckner

"Elise with a Midwife"

Over the next three months, I will be joining a group of midwives who work in Suchitoto, El Salvador and the surrounding rural areas. During this time, I will learn from their many years of experience while attending pre-natal appointments, births, and post partum check-ups.

I was able to meet all 25 midwives who are part of the Asociacion de Parteras (Association of Midwives) for the first time within my first week in El Salvador. The women welcomed me by introducing themselves and allowing me to share personal hopes for my time with them. After our introductions, the midwives continued with their monthly meeting allowing me to listen and participate when possible.

Starting June 9th and continuing through the summer, I am living with a few of the midwives from the group, alternating between their homes. While living with them, I will join them in their daily tasks. Whether those tasks be washing laundry by hand, cooking meals, attending prenatal appointments, or waking in the night to attend a birth, I will be there with them learning.

In Genesis 3:16, God gave woman the responsibility of bringing forth life by bearing children. Midwives are those privileged to be ‘with women’ as they give birth.  I am blessed with the opportunity to come along side midwives as they support women bringing life into this world.  A summer of excitement, challenge, and growth awaits me, and for that I am thankful.