Demonstrating Unity and Hope in El Salvador

I’m constantly amazed by the opportunities the Lord continues to give us as we make ourselves available to Him.  This past January, Rafael Reyes and I had the opportunity to partner with the Christian and Missionary Alliance in the facilitation of their multi-national ENvision conference in El Salvador.  Around 150 students between the ages of 18 and 30 attended the week-long conference.  We were thrilled when we were asked to lead worship for the event because we knew it would allow us to meet students from all over Latin America.  I’d like to share a few aspects of our trip that impacted us.

One of the more exciting aspects of the week was working with other musicians.  We teamed up with three musicians from El Salvador to form a worship band for the conference.  This made for a really unique worship experience as we led songs in both Spanish and English every session.  It was amazing to observe everyone singing (or at least attempting!) in both languages.  Needless to say, our worship times were filled with humor, tears and many powerful moments with the Lord.  Despite all of our limitations with language, the power of music and friendship brought us together to demonstrate the unity we share in Christ.

Early in the week Rafael and I saw a need for the students to have a designated time everyday to share and debrief what they were learning and experiencing.  After speaking to the conference leaders we were given a time and space after every evening session to meet with a small group of students.  This quickly became the highlight of our week as we invested ourselves into this group of about 12 every night, sometimes until one o’clock in the morning!  We talked about the Bible, mission work, family and our hopes for the world.  We were all invigorated and challenged by our time together.

Besides working with the conference, we were able to reconnect with several of our friends in Sitio Nuevo, a small rural town outside San Salvador.  After spending a morning walking the neighborhood and checking on the land our movement recently began developing, we treated several of our friends to lunch and ice cream in Suchitoto, a nearby town.  Everyone was really happy to see us and looking forward to this summer when we will be returning to work in the community!

Written by: Britt Edwards