Development Team Begins Summer Project in El Salvador

This summer, G.O.D. Int'l’s Latin America team has a small team on the ground in El Salvador for 6 weeks.  During this time, we will continue building at our property in Sitio Nuevo, host 1 group of students joining us for a week of service, and host the arrival of the GOD Int’l Summer Internship team. We made considerable building progress last summer, completing a shower/bathroom facility, as well as nearly completing the first home.  This summer, work will begin to complete the first home, as well as lay groundwork for 1-2 more homes. We anticipate that in the near future we will have families living in Sitio Nuevo for extended periods of time, and adequate housing is an important need to fill for these hopes to come to fruition.

SLAM El Salvador 2012 is June 19-25.  SLAM is the student ministry branch of the GOD Int’l. During this week, we will host the team in the local area, facilitate service opportunities, hold Bible studies, and invest into the lives of these students who are joining us for the week.  We are thankful to have this opportunity.

GOD Int’l’s Summer Internship program includes 2 weeks in El Salvador, some of which will be spent in the area surrounding Sitio Nuevo.  In the weeks leading up to their arrival, we will prepare to host their arrival, and participate in the first portion of their time in El Salvador, prior to our return.

This summer’s plans are made with the understanding that our impact and influence in Sitio Nuevo will be limited until we are able to be present there on a more ongoing basis.  Each aspect of our activity this summer is designed to further efforts from last summer, and to endeavor to provide opportunities for ongoing service in the coming months and years.

We are thankful for the opportunity we have to cultivate this small patch of land that the LORD has entrusted us with.  We will develop it as best we know how, all the while knowing that the people we find along the way are the true goal.