Austin and Kristin have been married since 2008 and and have two children: Liam (2011) and Timothy (2014). Shortly after they got married, they moved to TN to become involved with Global Outreach Developments Int'l. After spending some time in the Philippines together on a SLAM Summer Internship (2006), they felt the LORD calling them to commit themselves to the people of the Philippines and are now on the South East Asia Regional Team.


Austin works full-time for Details Nashville as a photographer and media specialist. He has helped document a variety of events and projects through photography and videography both in our Antioch community and on the field in the Philippines.

Kristin is pursuing her certification as a childbirth educator through the NOVA Childbirth Education Program. She is specifically interested in birth counseling and helping women be healthy mothers so they can in turn raise healthy children. In addition, she also works in the G.O.D. Int'l Preschool as a preschool teacher.