Finished our First Week!

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What a great first week! These first 2 weeks are so important to set a precedent for the remainder of the semester. Being halfway through these 2 weeks, I think we're right on track with procedures, getting use to a longer school day, and getting familiar with their new classes. 

Our theme this week has been "Love God with Everything"! This is derived from the 1st of the 10 commandments. I encourage you to remind your children that "everything" involves our heart, mind, and strength. This looks like sharing with your friends and family, staying focused when praying and learning, using your strength to clean up at home or help a friend. 

Since Wednesday, our students picked green beans from our garden, explored the texture and function of bones, learned the Shema in Bible class (Deuteronomy 6:4, "Hear, O'Israel, the Lord our God the Lord is one."), counted by tens in Numbers class, ran to their hearts desire in Coordination & Balance, socialized, played board games (where we had some good learning moments when disagreements arose), and of course had a fun time. 

I pray you have a great weekend with your families and looking forward to start off another week!