Class Charts & Incentive Program

Greetings Parents, 

I wanted to explain the process you will use to access the class chart specific to your child and also our Incentive Program.


To see what positive points and demerits your child received (each point comes with a description of what happened), you will go to and enter the code that is specific to your child (I sent the code to each family individually via email). Each student in the school has a different code, so if you have multiple children, you will have to access their charts using different codes. 

You can also access your students behavior reports through the class charts parent app which can be found at the following locations:

For iPhone/iPad: 

For Android: 


This year, our class will be challenged to earn points towards a variety of awards and activities. My students worked towards “Grab Bag”, where they get to either pick a prize or hold onto a ticket that could be saved to earn a coupon that awards them an activity with a friend, teacher, free app (parent approved), or cool toy. This serves as their incentive program for the semester.

Here is an explanation of our point system this year: 

Positive Points (Individual Positive Behavior Points) 

Each week, students in my class have the chance to earn positive behavior points (noted in class charts for parents to access). First, they had to earn five points in order to meet the required amount for the week. Once they received five points for three different weeks, they will then move up to six points. As they climb in the point system, they will have to obtain that number for three weeks (the weeks don’t have to be consecutive). At the end of each week, the student can choose to take something from Grab Bag 1, 2, or 3 (depending on the number of tickets they've saved up) OR they can save up to 4 tickets and turn it into a coupon.

Coupons (Individual Point Prizes) 

When a student has received four tickets, they have the opportunity to choose from a plethora of coupons with activity options including, ice cream with a friend or teacher, garden harvesting with Mr. Hartnell, free iPad app (parent approved and a reasonable choice), iPad games with Mr. Aaseby during recess, baking with Mrs. Bennecker and the list goes on. With many of those items, they will be able to choose a friend to join them as well, which just makes everything more fun! 

Demerits (Individual Negative Behavior Points) 

Your child can also receive demerits as part of our behavior program. When students are disobedient, harmful to others, not caring for their things or others’ things or are being reckless or disrespectful with their words or behaviors, they will receive a demerit (also noted in class charts for parents to access). Depending on the severity of the offense, students will lose 1-3 points per demerit. Situations that cause a student to receive a demerit will be communicated to you by 6:00pm the day of the incident via an email or phone call from me. This will allow you time to communicate with your child in the evening about this offense so they know that you and their teachers are on the same page and expecting a change in their behavior. 

Thanks and if you have any questions feel free to email me at