Reading & Writing

Hello Parents!

Our Reading & Writing teacher, Mrs. Loeffler, wrote the following blog about some activities she's been doing during class that you can also do at home! 

I have been having a great time with your children during their Reading & Writing class.  We meet together twice a week for 50 minutes. 

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I wanted to take a minute to share with you how you can be involved in your students ‘learning to read’ process.  Edmodo is going to be one of the best tools for you to access in order to know what your child is learning in my class. 

Each week I will post 1-2 videos on Edmodo for your students to watch.  These videos are fun, repetitive, get into the kids heads and may have them singing words all day long.  I have heard from some students that these songs are also ringing in your heads.  You will thank me later when these tools have your kids reading! 

***Many times there will be an opportunity for students to earn a point if they respond to the post.  One example may be:  “Post 1 word you learned from the video”.  As the semester continues their opportunities to earn points will become more challenging.  For now I want them to get into the habit of checking for new videos and watching them. 

There will also be a weekly or bi-weekly “sight word list” posted on Edmodo.  On Thursday, I encouraged the kids to try to practice this list at home with a parent 1x per day and each time they practice they should post “I did it!” on the Edmodo feed.  Your students know that this is a way for them to earn a point towards grab bag so work with them to spur on their enthusiasm! 

Read with your kids at home!  Here is an article about the benefits and importance of reading with your children .  In early stages of reading your child may choose to participate with you by reading what they can, encourage this!  Any opportunity to read words (in a book, at the store, while driving in the car, etc) will grow your young reader in their reading skills and confidence. 

In my class, learning to read typically involves a game or a manipulative.  The past two weeks our games included:

-        Sight Word Memory

-        See it, Say it….See it, Grab it (One partner sees a word and says it, then the other partner is challenged to find the word and grab it.  If they grab the correct word they get to keep the card.  If the student doesn’t know the word their partner who ‘said’ the word shows it to them and then they get to keep it)

-        Say – it and Build – it!  (Students grab a block, read the sight word on the block and then add it to their building structure)

-        SLAP – IT – Sight words are posted to the board via Post-it Notes, about 16 words at once.  Students are paired in teams of two and one partner goes at a time.  With four teams in play I call out a word and each player to correctly SLAP the word on the board gets a point!  During final rounds we focus on speed and the first team to SLAP the correct word gains the point!

-        Word Cards – Students simply read through a list of cards with their partner

***I share these games with you because they can easily be replicated at home and played between you and your child.

Please don’t hesitate to email me ( with questions concerning your child.  I really enjoy teaching this age how to read and would love to bounce ideas around on how we can work together in this process. 

It’s going to be a great year!

Mrs. Loeffler