The Wisdom of God

It's been a fun week. The kids have done so much in in our Bible Class. I wanted to let you all know what your kids are learning in Bible class recently. Here's the basic idea we're working on:

"Wisdom is how we go about making good decisions."

All our activities in class surround this idea. They've typed the sentence above on google docs, created their own skits on what it looks like to learn from experience and gain wisdom, and we played a fun game where they navigated through a small obstacle course with vision impairing goggles. 

I used the goggles activity to teach them the difference between living life learning God's word versus living life without God's word. Without the goggles (equal to learning God's Word) they walked the course of life knowing the exact direction to go because God's Word directed their steps. With the goggles (equal to not learning God's Word), they got a little dizzy had a hard time navigating through the course. We talked about their challenges and noted the differences with and without the goggles.

I've uploaded another video in case you'd like to check them out trying to navigate the course with the goggles on. It's quite hilarious and a fun exercise. 

Video Password: General_Green