Updated Sight Words Chart

Written by Lyssa Loeffler, Language Arts Teacher

I am very excited for a new semester in Sight Words!  Your students are growing as readers and it has been so much fun to witness.

I have a few things to communicate with you,  I will try to keep this brief.  Please let me know if you have any questions.  

1.  Your child brought home the following in their backpack.  

  • New Homework Chart:  I explained this chart to them in class this week.  There are also details on the bottom of the chart that give directions for how students can earn points. It is similar to last semester This homework chart will replace what we used last semester and it will last for five weeks.  Each day your child gets the opportunity to choose a homework activity and they will then cross off the day that they complete.  It should be fun for them and offer a little variety to their activities. 
  • New SIGHT WORD LIST:   Your child will be working on 30 sight words at a time this semester with the goal to learn 120 new sight words!  I will give the class a new list every 3-4 weeks! This list is for you and your student to have at home.  Put it on the fridge, in your child's room, wherever you think it will remind you and your child to work on the words.   Many of the homework assignments correlate with this list. 
  • New Chutes and Ladders Game:   Each student has a new Chutes and Ladders game in their back pack that goes along with the new word list as well as reviews words from last semester.  This is a game that can be played as part of their homework - you will see it on their homework chart! 
Sight Words Calendar.JPG