General Green Spring 2018 Schedule!

Hi Parents! 

Perhaps the moment you've been waiting for? Or maybe not?!? Either way, here's your child's schedule for this first quarter (7 weeks). If you don't know, we break our semesters into 2 quarters. That means, we have 4 total quarters over the course of the year. This schedule reflects your child's schedule for their 3rd quarter of the year (the first 7 weeks of the Spring semester). 

Hopefully you watched the video explanation of how these classes were determined in Mr. Garner's video. If not, I highly recommend you give it watch. Click HERE to view.  Please watch that video before looking at the schedule, as the schedule will make more sense to you.

Note that we will change regions of the world every 2 weeks. Our first 2 weeks focuses on Africa, then we'll move to The Philippines and Latin America, then to India and finish our last week of the quarter in review of the quarter.

Here are the course titles and descriptions for each of the new courses this quarter (7 weeks)

Considering the Scale: Considering the Scale: Life Size Animals...only Smaller
Academic Discipline: STEM
Description: Considering the Scale: Life Size Animals...only Smaller is a STEM class with an emphasis in math in which students will create an animal out of clay using research from various classes, compare the size of their animal to others, determine if their animal is appropriately scaled, and adjust if needed. Students will learn to measure their animal using nonstandard and standard units of measurement as well as subtract to find the difference between their animals and others.

Life in the Rainforest & Pearls of Africa
Academic Discipline: Language Arts
This is a Language Arts class that focuses on pattern recognition, memory retention, and immersion into the English language utilizing the musical and bodily kinesthetic intelligences. They will continue to play games that reinforce the linguistic patterns that they have already learned and will learn; as well as, be introduced to age appropriate books pertaining to the region that is highlighted that week. Not only will kids get these fundamental basics in this Language Arts class, but through this immersive approach to reading, students will be exposed to different people and cultures from around the world such as Africa, Latin America, the Philippines, and India. This is not only encompasses exciting topics, but also helps them to become more globally conscious and historically relevant.

Students will not only learn these basic fundamentals building blocks to reading, but be challenged to use their skills and serve others. Students will take on the responsibility of read their books to a younger class heightening their intrapersonal awareness; as well as, interpersonal skill development through knowing appropriate interactions with others as they learn how to be in an interactive audience. 

Layers of the Rainforest
Academic Discipline: STEM
Course Description: This is a STEM based class where students explore animals from regions around the world with aspects of Creative Arts as well as Language Arts. They will be learning practical skills that will help them become more aware of the environment, nature, animals, and people around them as well as around the world in which they live. Creative Arts is introduced through the use of bodily kinesthetic and visual and spatial intelligences as they create a habitat based off an animal and region they have learned. Language Arts is introduce through the key words they will learn and know how to use correctly. This utilizes the linguistic intelligence.

Academic Discipline: STEM
Course Description: Bones class is an introductory course to expose students to the basic shapes and functions of bones. Students will utilize creative arts, music, and story telling to become acquainted with the human skeleton and animal skeletons of their favorite animals.

Academic Discipline: Creative Arts (Spiritual Category)
Course Description: In this course, students are learning about the basics of the Torah and important lessons from the book of Genesis. In the fall semester, students learned the definition of wisdom, the difference between a wise and foolish person, what the word Torah means and all the books of the Torah, and lessons from major stories in Genesis from chapters 1-10. For the Fall semester, students will continue the Genesis narrative by going over stories and characters from Genesis 12-50. While we’ll review key points from the Fall semester, students will mainly cover the stories of Abraham, Lot, the birth of Isaac (a fulfillment of God’s promise), Jacob and Esau, and Joseph. By the end of the semester, the students will be able to to identify specific themes from each story, memorized the characters names and their meaning, and be able to demonstrate a general overview of the book of Genesis through the use of storytelling.

African Art: An Exploration of Color
Academic Discipline: Creative Arts
Course Description: It will focus primarily on crafts related to accessories in African cultures such as beads, bows, necklaces and various jewelry. Students will take their knowledge of colors used in African art and apply them to various craft projects that symbolize the people from these cultures. Due to the cross-cultural nature of the curriculum throughout the day, students will get to learn about a variety of differences between our culture and the ones that we study. Students will utilize different mediums to create materials from East Africa specifically. 

East Africa Passport Photo Album Club
Academic Discipline: Language Arts
Course Description: This is a Language Arts Class that incorporates aspects of the Creative Arts through the on-going project that the students will be creating. The students will be working on handwriting as well as typing as the create a passport booklet for each region that they visit. Each class they have will cover different aspects of a region ranging from animals, habitats, geographical locations, climates, fashion, people, and culture. They will reflect on what they have learned at the end of Tuesdays and Fridays by inputting important and interesting information into their own passport. Through learning information and being ready to present it at the beginning of this class, students will be developing their intrapersonal intelligence; because, if they are not paying attention then they will affect others. They will be utilizing visual and spatial intelligence as they put their passport books together. Finally, they will be utilizing their linguistic intelligence as they continue to work on writing and learning their full name, birth dates, addresses, and phone numbers. 

African Dances (Week 1-2), Latin American Murals (Week 3-4), Living Stories from India (Week 5-6), Stories from Around the World Review (Week 7)
Academic Discipline: Creative Arts
Course Description: Stories from Around the World is a Creative Arts class that happens once a week. This class incorporates elements of Language Arts into it as well through students continuing to work through the 5 parts of a story. However, their primary focus will be on identifying how and why cultures around the world tell stories that are passed on from generation to generation. These will including dancing (bodily kinesthetic intelligence as well as musical), painting murals (visual spatial intelligence), and living stories (bodily kinesthetic, musical, interpersonal, and intrapersonal intelligences). This class will end in them choosing one of the regions ways to tell a story and retell an impactful story from their own life. This will be done in a group, and will require them to work together to choose a story, way that a story will be told, and working together to communicate the value within the story. 

Zannya (To Play in Luganda) *Will have a different name every 2 weeks to go with the region.
Academic Discipline: Creative Arts
Course Description: Cultural Games is a Creative Arts Class held once a week. This class is highly focused on helping the students become more globally conscious as it introduces region specific games to the students. Values of the week and ethics will be taught throughout each game as well as intra and interpersonal development skills. This is a highly interactive class incorporating the bodily and kinesthetic intelligence as well as musical. It will ultimately provide the kids with opportunities to move their bodies, engage their minds, and open their hearts to people and different cultures around the world through games!