Bible Retreats

We all know how important it is to talk about God’s Word. Why not set aside an entire weekend to do it? That’s what our Bible Retreats are all about: a weekend of studying God’s word, discussing it together, and applying its message to our lives.  

The Word of God is alive and active, but sometimes we don’t know how to approach it, how to listen. Take a weekend to explore this issue. God can do amazing things when we set time aside time to hear from his Word, and we’ve heard so many testimonies of people who have walked away with a renewed desire to dive into God’s Word for themselves.

God is still speaking through his word. Come join us and listen. 


SLAM Bible Retreat: Winter 2017

Dates: February 18-20th, 2017 (Sat-Mon)
Arrival: Saturday, February 18th at noon
Departure: Monday, February 20th at 8am

Cost: Per Person: $200/person ($175/person if registered by Nov 30)

Retreat Location: Louisville, KY