Brett and Michelle have been involved with G.O.D. International since 2005.  They were married in 2009 and now have three wonderful children: Levi James (2010), Grace Michelle (2012), and Joseph Hesed (2016).  The Madrons are members of the South East Asia regional team.  

Brett works full-time with Details Nashville, where he is the Human Resource Manager.  He is also involved in the communications sphere at G.O.D.  Spurred on by his education and work history, Brett loves connecting people to their work and helping them to feel good about the work they do on the day-to-day.  

In addition to her full-time responsibilities as a mother, Michelle has become immersed into the world of special needs advocacy and education, spurred on by the special needs of their son Levi.  Michelle is eager to learn to navigate the system of resources and education available to help improve the quality of life for special needs children, both locally and abroad.