What Parents are Saying about the School...

"The Academy for G.O.D. is a dream school.  The love, care, patience and intuitive problem solving that the teachers and staff show to each individual is a gift to our family.   My husband and I currently have four children in the academy, and each one of them is excited to get to school everyday.  They have learned character traits that celebrate one another, and help those who are in need.  They are encouraged in the beautiful responsibility of being a light, a source of love and kindness, and contributing to the world around them.  I love the variety of classes that each of my kids get to experience.  I am a thankful momma."

- Lindsay H.

"The Academy provides our children with my family’s top three priorities in education: a foundation of Scripture in everything they do; focusing on each child’s uniqueness and highlighting their strengths; and an environment where God-centered relationships flourish. It has also exceeded our expectations in community and relationships. The school feels like family, not just to us as parents, but to our children as well. Our children are always anxious to get to school each day and disappointed when school is not in session. We are beyond grateful to be a part of the Academy for G.O.D." 

- Susan B.


"Words hardly seem adequate to express how thankful we are for The Academy for G.O.D.  In a matter of weeks, our daughter dramatically improved in her ability to read, write, and think critically.  It was astounding, and she LOVES it!  In public school, every day was a struggle.  She didn’t want to go, and I honestly could not see how it was helping her.  Our experience this year almost brings me to tears, because she is thriving.

The teachers are passionate and dynamic, and teach the students in creative ways that encourage the children to do more than memorize data, but to truly engage in the material.  The teachers value the students as individuals and recognize their learning style and specific needs. Additionally, our daughter is learning about ethical behavior. She is learning values that affect how she acts with her sisters at home. It’s a beautiful thing to see and my husband and I are extremely grateful that we could be part of this."

- Celesta B.


What Parents Are Saying about Volunteering...

It has been my joy over the past 3 1/2 years to have been a volunteer at the Academy. You see, my kids haven't always loved school, but that all changed when our kids came to the Academy. Our kids wanted to go to school. (They even cried when school break came around because they missed being with their teachers and friends.)  My kids were coming home from school enthused and excited. I could see that they were in a culture that not only nurtured a love for Jesus, but was instilling in my kids a desire to be life-long learners. I wanted to see firsthand what was so evidently changing my kids for the better.  

I volunteered in class. It was a beautiful way for me to be an active part of my kids learning. I now can put a name to the kids faces and to their teachers as well. I have a deeper connection with my children. We can share and talk about school and their day, in a way I couldn't had I not volunteered. By volunteering, I have also gained a deeper appreciation for the teachers and all they do to develop our kids and further them in their love for the Lord.  

Many parents feel under qualified and insecure about being in the classroom - DON'T let that stop you! Just know how your child will be over the moon to see you, their faces will light up when you walk in. Your involvement matters. By turning up at school, you are reinforcing that education is important and you care.

If you have the opportunity to Volunteer, don't hesitate.  You'll be blessed by the experience.

--Mary S.


It's year one for my kids at the Academy for G.O.D. When we received our letter of admission last summer, we all just cried with happiness. Our hearts have found a home! I knew right away that I wanted to be involved somehow in preparing meals for the kids in the kitchen. I wasn't even sure that they allowed moms (and dads) in the kitchen, but they do. So...I signed up for double shifts right away. I wanted to be able to be involved in prepping and cooking the meal, but also serving (thus the back to back shifts). I love cooking beside Breann and the other volunteers in the kitchen! What's even more fun than the dicing and prepping and boiling and sauteing is seeing the little (and big) kiddos coming through the line and seeing their eyes light up when it's kale day. Yeah...you heard me right.

I love the kitchen! But....I didn't want to miss out on classroom stuff! So, I signed up to be room mom for one of my kid's classes. This has been lots of fun. I have been able to help the teacher in several ways. We are currently putting together some exploratory hour ideas and helping implement these fun activities. This is really nice because it's one of my kid's favorite things about school, so to be involved in that creative time, is a big deal. 

There are so many ways to help out at the Academy. I was teased a little about meeting my volunteer point requirement (which is so doable for anyone really, and in so many ways), within the first half year. I don't want meeting a requirement to keep me from helping even more! I know that we have a special place in the Academy and that for it to work well it requires parental help. I want to continue to be a helper! I love that you can choose so many ways to get involved, whether it's being on a committee, participating in PTO, working at different events, helping in the classroom and/or kitchen. There are many ways to lend a hand. I thank God every day for our school. 

--Scarlett M. 


What Teachers are Saying...

Teaching at The Academy for G.O.D. has opened my eyes to the possibilities that exist for children's education. If that sounds like a big statement, that’s because it is. Coming from a traditional public school background I was unaware of anything like play-based education. For example, I have never known another elementary school to offer a course on building, so teaching “Fundamentals of Building" to elementary age students presents numerous challenges. How do I keep my students safe? How do I make building relevant to their age and appropriate to their world? Having a play based form of education gives me many more opportunities to be creative in order to overcome the challenges I face. The teachers and administration have gone above and beyond to help me as a new (to elementary age) teacher develop my curriculum.

What I like best about teaching at The Academy for G.O.D. extends beyond the classroom. Although time is spent learning the fundamentals of construction, building requires more than the ability to swing a hammer or twist some wires. I also have opportunities to teach strong character lessons such as generosity, hard work, perseverance and loving your neighbor. Knowing that these same lessons are being taught by the other teachers who share the vision of our school makes this school something very unique. Although I get to teach students the things that are in my heart, it is ultimately my goal for students to become more like Christ. After all, J.C. was a carpenter.



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