Cameron and Laurie went on their first internship with G.O.D. Int’l in 2005, and felt a specific call to serve full time in East Africa as a result. Realizing that such service must be preceded by a biblical education, they enrolled in the Institute, and graduated with missiology and biblical studies degrees, respectively. They married in 2006, and have been blessed with four children: Owen Matthew (2008), Charlotte Grace (2011), Amos Finley (2014), and Samuel Dolan (2016).

By trade, Cameron does home construction and renovation, working with Music City Handymen full-time. He also serves as the manager of G.O.D.'s East Africa Regional Team. Though he likes to pretend he’s not good at anything, his talents have greatly contributed to G.O.D.’s land plot in Uganda, as well as community garden and building projects at the Nashville headquarters. When he’s not using his hands for building, he likes to use them to tell impassioned stories to make his friends laugh, play his guitar, and fish.

Laurie is currently the only female bible teacher at the Institute. Her red pen doesn’t only give feedback to students, but also many writers in the community, as she serves as the Director of Communications for G.O.D.. Her writing, editing, and design skills have contributed towards the regularly published "Global Voice" newsletters as well as this website. 


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