What Is Camp Skillz?

It is a 7-week summer program dedicated to providing a fun and safe day camp experience for kids 6-16. It takes place at two locations: Old Hickory, TN at Global Outreach Development International’s headquarters 401 Center Street, and the Nob Hill Apartments in Antioch, TN.  The camp hours run from 8:30am - 1:30pm in Old Hickory, and 9:30am - 2:30pm in Antioch, Tuesday through Friday. Camp Starts June 7th and ends July 23rd. We are expecting around 100 kids this summer who will experience fun competitions and workshops to expand not just their exposure to skills but also the development of their interpersonal and intrapersonal skills.


What would I do as a Counselor? 

Glad you asked. 

You would be responsible for a group of 8-10 kids, making sure they are engaged and discovering their own unique personalities within programming. You do this by being present and interactive as they live through facilitated events throughout the day. You will be attentive to their emotional, physical, and psychological needs. Ultimately, you are a grower of healthy human beings.

You will need to be creative, energetic, and loud because you will need to keep up with facilitated experiences for the kids that are a combination of entertaining, engaging, and educational. Our summer theme is Olympics: Faster, Higher, Stronger.  You will plan with leadership on how to orchestrate and communicate the activities if and when you are called on to facilitate an event.  

You’ll need to be able to help your group of kids work through success and failure, conflict and celebration. As a counselor you will know your group of kids best and give perspective on how they are experiencing camp. You will be participating in counselor meetings where your input will help give shape to the camp programming. 


What’s the Pay?

A counselor can make up to $2,000 working with Camp Skillz over the course of 4 sessions and about 25 hours a week! Our camp pay system works on tiered stipends based on qualifications, skills, and accumulated summer experience with Camp Skillz. 


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