CASE (Character and Skills Education) is an after-school program for middle school students in the McGavock school district of Metro Nashville schools. Through CASE, students gain an opportunity to receive academic tutoring and enrichment activities, free of charge.

Our initial interest in beginning this program was to benefit the children in the Hopewell neighborhood. We met and grew in relationship with many of these kids through our summer program, Camp Skillz. CASE became a way to continue giving opportunities to this same group of kids throughout the year. In 2013, we began the program serving 12 kids at one site. Now, in our 5th year, we have expanded our program to 5 different sites, serving 80 students from DuPont Hadley Middle, Dupont Tyler Middle, and Donelson Middle.

We recognize that middle school is an important moment in the life of a student--the time when they decide what kind of student they will become, or whether or not they will stick it out at all. Our program seeks to instill habits to ensure academic success while at the same time introducing students to healthy role models and productive ways to spend their time. Kids who formerly would go home after school to play video games, wander the neighborhood, or spend time alone are now given the opportunity to do things like grow food, learn how an iPad could help with certain academic skills, participate in a cooking class, create jewelry, learn magic tricks, memorize a dance routine and more.

We love our students and have been blessed to watch them grow academically as well as socially as they create new friends through such fun experiences. Since 2013, we have partnered with the Nashville After Zone Alliance to make our CASE program possible. Through a quality volunteer force, our students feel welcomed and supported, physically and emotionally safe, as we challenge them to develop social skills through collaborative projects that require cooperation and communication.



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