Community Development Day 10.29.2014


We had a busy week this week!  Creating warm meals, painting in homes, cleaning up yards and even postpartum visits were just a few of the efforts made during this week's Community Development Day!  Catch a peek below of some of the crews who had the opportunity to work together!

CDD 10.29.2014-4.jpg
CDD 10.29.2014.jpg
CDD 10.29.2014-7.jpg

One of the final components of the Nyumba server wall project was completed as the door was installed (Nate).  The work projects in Nyumba are gearing us up for our future productions at The Arts at Center Street!

Also, a final coat of paint on a new bench leaves it ready to be put together (Anna & Bri)!

CDD 10.29.2014-10.jpg
CDD 10.29.2014-9.jpg
CDD 10.29.2014-15.jpg
CDD 10.29.2014-14.jpg
CDD 10.29.2014-20.jpg

The Greenhouse project continues!  Due to the urgency of completely this project as the chilly weather moves in, we had almost a dozen guys tackling this project together!  Finishing this greenhouse will progress our efforts in experimenting with alternative methods of gardening, an immediate benefit for our neighborhood and community here and a future benefit for our friends around the world! 

Have you ever thought about how much weed-eating has to take place on our land in order to keep it from looking like an overgrown jungle mess??!  Well, you can ask Colin and Bryan because Wednesday they spent two hours dominating the environment to keep it looking nice!

CDD 10.29.2014-31.jpg
CDD 10.29.2014-37.jpg
CDD 10.29.2014-33.jpg
CDD 10.29.2014-34.jpg
CDD 10.29.2014-47.jpg
CDD 10.29.2014-40.jpg
CDD 10.29.2014-51.jpg
CDD 10.29.2014-49.jpg

Chainsaws, machetes, saws, the outdoors and friends is bound to be a whole lot of fun! Clearing these portions of our land will open up space for future projects that will be done to greater enhance our training! What a blessing to have space that we can use for the benefit of others!

G.O.D. Elementary School continues to be a wonderful program to reach out to those outside of our community, especially as enrollment continues to grow! In an effort to continue to provide a safe, clean, productive learning environment for students there, we sent a crew down to clean!


Our elderly neighbor, Mrs. Mary, was visited by a crew of our ladies to have her windows cleaned before the winter sets in!  

Below is a crew who put their minds to the task of brainstorming how to create solar energy phone charging stations.  Such a project would benefit our work both here and abroad in an economical, sustainable way!