Chapel Reflections: Being Inspired Towards Good Mental Health & Photos

What a motivating, dynamic time this morning was!  I was brought to tears on multiple occasions hearing how the Lord has used his word and his people to bring healing to some of our community members!  I’ve also heard from a number of people who really felt the Lord! The Mental Health Team presented a wonderful invitation for us all to consider our own mental health and the health of those around us.  And it’s already happening! 

 At lunch today, Nyumba Café was a hot spot for lively discussion on the topic.  I sat with a few people and I’m pretty sure, if we hadn’t all had places to go after our 45-minute talk, we would have kept going!  It was awesome.  We considered biblical narratives that have changed our approach on the idea of mental health.  We reconsidered Jesus’ approach when it contrasted the conventional response that the world offers.  We remembered moments with roommates that challenged us to offer better accountability in regards to our mental health. 

As was mentioned by Rachel Olson, one of the presenters, this morning, “Developing our response (in the area of mental health) starts with us learning to be that model society, which includes embodying good mental health, even in the midst of our challenges.” 

Such an exhortation is wonderful.  Especially when it is met with responses like those I have been hearing!  Not only did people love our time together in chapel this morning, but they feel inspired to pursue the Lord and one another more to ensure better mental health on all fronts!  Hallelujah!

CDD 11.12.2014-8.jpg

What better way could we actualize our moves towards good mental health than bringing order to our environment?!  The greenhouse is near complete!  Gentlemen from the Southeast Asia team have been mobilizing themselves for weeks now to get this greenhouse complete before the cold sets in while gentlemen from the East Africa team have been working the ground underneath the greenhouse. Finishing this project means our neighboring widows can continue to eat their healthy greens through the winter! 

Bryan Sanders and Andrew Wolfe continued the Berry Bush Project that was initiated by a group on the Latin America team.  These bushes offer a pleasant aesthetic as they line our property but they are also a healthy treat that we can offer to those in need!

With the rise of potential productivity that solar energy can offer in the developing world, the India team requested that we mobilize people from our community here to plan for more experimentation to find out what works! Such experiments here allow us to determine what works and what doesn't before introducing it to people who really need such innovation. Be on the look out for more from this innovative bunch!

For the past few weeks we have been considering ways to meet needs with our elderly neighbors. For some who live alone, a hot meal served by a friendly neighbor can do more than fill their stomachs.  Here, a team of ladies, labored over a big pot of greens for our neighbors!

CDD 11.12.2014-31.jpg

Being resourceful is foundational in any project we do.  We recently cleared some of our land to make room for more development.  This week a team of guys took what we had cleared and repurposed it as wood chips for some of our playground areas on our property!

Below we have a team of folks, under the direction of Rosemary Sherrod, who are furthering our work in chronicling the rich history of our neighborhood.  This effort has given neighbors an opportunity to tell their story and a way for us to connect with them over meaningful content, their lives.