Community Development Day Photos & Recap 11.5.2014

The rain didn't stop us from being a blessing to our neighbors!  Mr. Paul received new bed bug-free mattresses and box springs.  Mrs. Betty had her ceiling painted!  And a crew cleaned Moranda's home so that she could feel a little more comfortable as she recovered from her recent birth experience.  She was also visited by Jenny Sherrod to receive more education on lactation.  Below are some projects carried out at our property!


Maintaining a presentable environment for our guests is an important task. This past Wednesday we had crews making sure we were ready to be hospitable to guests who will attend SLAM and CBE hosted events this weekend.

The masterminds behind our marketing efforts for 'Alien'! These two mobilized a big crew to get out in the neighborhood to hang flyers and network with locals to make known the upcoming, incredible production available to them.  These efforts are ongoing so please pray as we get the word out! 

As you all know, Nyumba Cafe is a big component to the vibe we present for The Arts at Center Street.  Brian and Cameron worked on the menu board for Nyumbarista that will soon be back up for your viewing!


Ever tried to look for supplies in the shop for a work project and couldn't find what you needed?  Well, this crew continued the monstrous task of organizing the shop, under Nick Sherrod's direction, so that such cases would be minimized.  This allows us to use resources we have to help our neighbors instead of spending unnecessary funds, making us better stewards of what the Lord has blessed us with!


Solar energy is a phenomenon that can really be a help both here and abroad.  This crew came together to collaborate on how to experiment with projects here, in order to be a greater benefit there.