Community Development Day Photos 2.25.15

Each Wednesday begins with intentional worship and encouragement from the Scriptures! By making this time a priority throughout our entire organization, we allow ourselves time to reconnect with the Lord and one another. 

Work in our neighbors' homes continue! On the left we hauled a final load to the dump for one of the local widows who, as a double amputee, is incapable of doing such work! It's a joy to be able to serve in this way!

On the right, a crew of guys tackled the mess leftover by a collapsed tree in the neighborhood that couldn't withstand the recent ice storm that moved through Nashville. 

While others served throughout the neighborhood, we had additional projects taking place on our property that aim to improve our relationships both near and far! A crew of ladies organized the mailing of our most recent G.O.D. Int'l Global Voice Newsletter. Meanwhile, Michael Johnson (right) led a crew who continued work on our upcoming Produce Processing Station. This station will aid us in providing more fresh produce for local widows and families in need!

Corey Streeter and Julie Watson work alongside a crew to continue cultivating our produce! What a blessing to produce our own fresh foods! 

Our reputation amongst our neighbors here in Hopewell has opened up a new facility for use! This structure will soon be bustling with the sound of artisan's talents as Suburban Pallet finds space here to be productive. But, first? A whole lot of clean up!

Each Wednesday our morning's activities close with a meal together. This does more than simply fill our stomachs after hours of work projects. This time provides an opportunity for us to share with one another about what the Lord has done. We take time to consider God's goodness and the great blessing it is to be able to be a benefit to those around us. Such conversations are only fuel for moving forward into the rest of our day in service to God!

Thank you Chef Brian (left) and Shaun Galford (right), as well as the rest of the Southeast Asia Regional Team who helped cook and serve our meal this week!