In fall of 2007, Clark moved from Arkansas to Tennessee in order to study at the Institute for G.O.D. Int'l. That next summer he went on his internship to the Philippines where he first met his future wife, Rina Escosura. After joining the Southeast Asia Team, he returned to the Philippines in 2010 during which he got engaged to Rina. 

Rina is from Tacloban, Leyte, and first came into contact with G.O.D. Int'l in 2006. After developing friendships with many of the members of the South East Asia team they sponsored her to go to school to become a social worker. She graduated and passed her board exam in 2013, the same year she and Clark got married. 

The Millers currently live in Tacloban City, where they help run the Tahanan Community Center. Rina also volunteers at a midwifery clinic for underprivileged women where she assists with pre-natal checkups and teaches the benefits of breastfeeding. Clark weekly visits the regional rehabilitation center where he does activities with the detained youth. Clark and Rina have one daughter, Kazeema Jade Kalel. 

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What's Been Happening in SOUTH EAST ASIA?