"3rd World" is a term that some find offensive, and understandably so as it seems to implicate these sections of the world are 3rd class, or ranked really low on the scale of human. Others have tried to use phrases like, "majority world," or "global south," or what you'll often read in our publications, "the developing world." However, we continue to use "3rd World" as it is popularly understood, and it immediately indicates the incredible chasm that exists between countries of wealth and power who are ranked 1st in the world, and those countries that are left behind. Often when someone asks what the 3rd world is like, an appropriate answer is "like our country, but 150 years ago."



The Hopewell Widow Program consists of care for the most vulnerable women in the neighborhood of our headquarters. Holistic care is provided, ranging from fresh food delivery from our community garden, to transportation for medical services, to housekeeping, and routine social visits 

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The Hopewell Neighborhood

While it may have seemed ideal for a development organization to choose a remote & rural location with lots of acreage, our theological values and the leading of the LORD, took us to the edge of the city of Nashville. On the "other side of the tracks," an area known as Hopewell, initially characterized by it's overwhelming presence of pit-bulls and dilapidated homes, our organization took up residence at an abandoned elementary school at the top of the hill.

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