My Trip! 

This summer I will be volunteering my time with Global Outreach Developments International in the National Capital Region of India. I am looking forward to this trip for many reasons, but one of them being the desire to follow the Lord into whatever he has placed in front of me. In the summer or 2014, I saw devastating poverty in the world for the first time with my own eyes and have been learning since then of the responsibility of God's people to be a vessel to bring change to those circumstances. I am looking forward to using the skills and education that I've been blessed by and bringing health and benefit to those who are in great need. 

During my time in India, I will be working extensively with Aquatic Public School, a school that we partner with that is in close proximity to our property there. This school is very poor, but filled with teachers who are passionate and dedicated to giving the students their very best. I will be heavily utilizing my teaching experience to model effective classroom management and creative lesson planning. I will also have the opportunity to teach a couple of day seminars on effective classroom procedures with the teachers. Along with working with curriculum and effective classroom management, the school is also in need of help on the administrative level. I will use my knowledge and skills in that area to help create effective administrative procedures with the school administration. 

As a teacher here in Nashville at the Academy for G.O.D., much of my work is dedicated to students with learning needs outside of the norm of their peers. I have a heart for those who are marginalized in our society. As I've spent the past few years traveling to areas with great need around the world, my heart gravitates towards those who fall within the category of special needs. I've witnessed the effect that their needs have on them and I've come to recognize that they become the marginalized of those that are already marginalized. It's a devastating reality and one that needs to be addressed. I take on that responsibility in the way I teach here so that it also becomes something that I am competent around the world. This responsibility that I know to be from the Lord is something that I will spend time learning more about this summer as I will have the opportunity to volunteer with special education programs in Delhi. 

A couple of other areas that I will be assisting in throughout my six-week trip will be helping to facilitate an after school program specifically tailored to empower adolescent girls to discussion, assisting with reproductive health seminars for adolescent girls, assisting in the facilitation of our summer internship program and assisting in over 50 hours of biblical education for Indian cooperatives. 

Thank you for your willingness to partner with me to make this possible. I will be leaving for India on June 13, 2017 and returning to Nashville on July 24, 2017. I am thankful for all that God is doing and I look forward to this journey ahead. 



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