Our presence amongst people is with the objective to serve. In this case, there is no intention to take over, or rule, or contend with the state. Instead, through service, we activate the love of God, demonstrating what's possible.




The archaic term "denizen" captures the biblical concept that God's people are dwellers, or people whose origin is not where they reside. Because they are "aliens and strangers," they have no desire to advance a political, or state agenda. Jesus was confused as an enemy of the state because people misunderstood this reality. He wanted to serve the society that he came to. He had no ambitions to take it over. Even on one occasion they tried to seize him and make him king - Jesus hid himself from them. Following his lead, we have no ambitions for political power, we just want to serve the people we find ourselves dwelling amongst. 


No Party Affiliations

We are not republican, we are not democrats, when abroad we are solely American by passport. We are citizens of heaven with the agenda of heaven - the will of God. Denizens on earth.

Money is Not Spent on
Publicity or Campaigning

Sometimes organizations spend dollars to campaign a political position. Or to publicize they are an agency that can be trusted because they carry the values of the political power. We do not spend any dollars on these things.

Subordinate to the State

We believe the bible teaches that though we are citizens of heaven, we are still subject to the authorities of the state. In that case, we do our best to live at peace with the powers; cooperative, and compliant without compromising our values.