Empowering our Girls

It would be a mistake to assume that women are treated equally all around the world. Many young women have to learn this reality via first hand experience. Well, not our young girls, they will know beforehand from their classes. The language arts teacher, Mrs.Kurtz, facilitates the class in crafting their response to an article titled, “No School, Because You’re a Girl”. A story about Samia, an 11 year old girl in East Africa who is kept from education because she's a girl .

Here are just a few selected responses from our girls: 

I think that it's really sad when 54%, in the villages of Uganda, most of the girls have to drop out of school. It made me really disappointed, that the girls don't get any education. Just imagine if you never learned how to read and write. It really impacted me. And made me want to go there and help. I was just shocked. when I heard about it my first question that popped in my head was, why girls? I figured that maybe it was because boys are just more valuable. But then I had another question which was, why are they more valuable? Well, I didn't have an answer for that one. So I learned that it was because boys are stronger then girls, boys are more valuable to their families than girls, and boys need to get educated to get good jobs, better then the girls. Pretty much all the girls do is, stay at home, clean the house, take care of sick family members, and help their brothers get ready for school. It makes me feel sick, why? Because I am sick of it! And that's my article, no school because your a girl. (By Adelaide Wolfe)
When I read this article it impacted me because all girls should be allowed to go to school. In my mind I feel like I want to scream so loud. When I read this article I saw that a eleven year old girl dropped out of school because her parents could no longer afford to pay school fees. It made me feel so much pain. (By Blessing Davis)
When I read this document I was really frustrated. I just don't think this is right, I mean leaving your boy in school and taking your girl out because they think the girl is worthless is just really sad. They think that girls don't need schooling and all they think is that girls just stay at home and watch the kids. And when I read the document it made me think about how when I was in India just seeing all the women or girls at home. (By Luci Munoz)