Grandparents Day

The students were more than excited to be surrounded by grandparents this past Friday. Educators had a great time too. For me, it was hard not to laugh when Eved’s grandfather (Mr. Roufs), during Mr. Rouf’s Physical Education class, was trying to team juggle alongside his grandson and his friends. I was taken back by River Edmondson’s Grandma who had commented that she enjoyed seeing no fights at all during her entire visit. Jackson Kurtz’ grandmother told her story on how she had felt when Jackson was first born; the story brought many glassy eyes to our room of listeners. These were just a few of the many moments that I could share with you. 

The day had a different feel, you could sense the warmth coming from the enjoyment of the grandparents’ as they participated in a school day with their children’s children. It serves not only as a reminder, but a motivator for the educators, that education is not primarily for the job site but for the family. Soon our students will be fathers and mothers who will, one day, go on to be grandparents themselves, and they will carry in them the education that is being built now.

Education needs to acknowledge and accept its role in the students’ understanding and participation within family. Grandparents day is a major acknowledgement of the service we provide to the families that God has brought together. If you’ve ever read the bible, everything God does, he does through families. Therefore, if we can contribute to the health of those families, we contribute to the capacity of God's work that can be done through them.