Who Is Responsible For Education?

Education has been declared a basic human right, but does that mean that it is happening? Because our students are in school, can we relax and think, “I’ve done my part”.  What does it look like to take education for granted? I would imagine that it looks like divesting ourselves of the energy that well rounded education demands. Education does not end in the classroom, it extends into the home and into all corridors of life. Everything from how we take care of our bodies to the decisions we make about our time. 

Anyone who is in the presence of children becomes a teacher, we cannot avoid this reality. Children will learn from our activity, or inactivity, and they will come to conclusions whether we say a thoughtful word or a haphazard one. Education doesn’t begin with a room and a whiteboard, it begins when adults become aware of their contribution and decide to be responsible with the gifts that God has given them. When school is out, is education too? Not at all! Education is better understood as a constant that takes place with or without a school. 

Let’s make an oath to one another and be more aware of how we are educating the next generation, let’s continue to invest and imbed God’s word and teach wisdom. For I would imagine that some of history’s greatest teachers never stood in front of a classroom - they were simply aware of their presence around children and decided to spend their energy accordingly.